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Many populations in Israeli society, such as women and minority groups, are still under-represented in leadership positions and among decision makers. Moreover, young people from the social and geographic periphery have very slim chances to take part in shaping public policy. Increasing their access to training programs for public service, and for local government in particular, would help to ensure proper representation of Israel's different population sectors in national and local leadership circles.

Yesod ("foundation" in Hebrew) is a new leadership course specifically designed for young men and women from the periphery who have the potential and motivation to develop, advance and make an impact through public service. The training program is based on three main elements:

  • Knowledge – in-depth  economic, social, political and public policy issues;

  • Skills – acquiring professional tools and preparing for the application process of cadet programs;

  • Perception – exploring and defining the participants' personal identity as social leaders.

Over three months, two full days per week, the group of 25-30 young adults (21-28) takes part in academic studies, seminars, workshops and tours focusing on key social issues in Israel. In addition to full tuition, they get a monthly living stipend. Each one is guided in defining his or her future path while working together within a diverse, multi-cultural group. Even after completing the program, the graduates will receive ongoing support to help them realize their potential in the field of public service.  



Gandyr Foundation

Prime Minister's Office - Atudot L'Israel




Ma'ase Center