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The program prepares talented students in southern high schools for competitive and demanding academic studies. The participants benefit from extra reinforcement at school to improve their matriculation scores, particularly in math, English and science. On Fridays they attend university for courses that give them a taste of higher education.


The University for Youth program was launched in 2001 as part of Madarom, a long-term project to promote science and technology education in southern Israel, which began as a joint venture of Rashi and the Ministry of Education and operates now under government tender.


Some 1,000 students in 10th-12th grade from the Negev, including its Bedouin communities, take part in the program every year.


An evaluation study of the program found that nearly all the graduates (95%-98%) earn a matriculation diploma that meets university admissions requirements. Moreover, their achievements are comparable to those of the best students from established communities in central Israel, whose socio-economic background is much stronger.


Furthermore, a survey of the graduates from previous years found that 90% are studying in academic institutes, 55% of them in science fields.



Ministry of Education

Ben Gurion University




 Beit Yatziv