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At the same time that Rashi joined a coalition of philanthropic partners to help establish the new Medical School in Tzfat, we have been working to enhance education, welfare and community life in town through another initiative, in partnership with a group of US business professionals (PPSNI).

Among the projects supported through this initiative is an upgrade of facilities at Tzfat Academic College, which, together with the Medical School, plays a key role in catalyzing the growth of the city and the entire region.


The College's development plan includes an expansion to the Beit Bussel site, a complex of historic buildings across the street from the main campus. This will allow the College to increase student enrollment and to introduce graduate degree programs.


The first stage of the expansion renovated one of the buildings on the Beit Bussell site to house the central academic library and an auditorium for lectures and conferences. The library has a variety of study spaces for individuals and groups, while a cafeteria in the foyer provides students and faculty with a place for relaxation or informal study. As the intellectual hub of campus life, the building is also used for programs targeting high school students and for educational and cultural activities open to the general public.




The Maurice and Vivienne Wohl Philanthropic Foundation

Tzfat Academic College