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The initiative for treating children and youth who were sexually abused began in 2007 as a partnership between the National Insurance Institute, Rashi and the Ministry of Welfare. Its goal was to create a nationwide network of centers offering therapy to children and their families while also engaging in community-oriented education and training.

In close cooperation with the Ministry of Welfare, we developed a unique model of a regional center operating an on-site treatment facility and satellite units in nearby communities. Next, the Ministry has adopted the model as the basis for a national, state-funded service for children victims of sexual abuse.


When the State took full responsibility for the initiative in early 2014, it included 12 regional centers (four of them operated by Rashi's affiliates) with35  satellites. Ten more centers will be opened over the next few years to complete the nationwide expansion.

The centers received a total of 1,400 applications and treated 930 children in 2012, in addition to working in the community to raise public awareness and holding study days for professionals.


An evaluation study examined various aspects of the project, including the quality of the service and the impact of the treatment. The study found that 80% of the children who were treated showed an improvement, while only 6% suffered any deterioration. Moreover, the centers proved to have a clear advantage over the old system, where victims were referred to self-employed therapists.



Ministry of Welfare

National Insurance Institute