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The Ilan Ramon Center at Ben Gurion University in Be'er Sheva offers high-level physics studies for high school students. Its sophisticated laboratories allow hands-on experimentation in a wide range of physics fields, guided by an expert team of lecturers and instructors. The center is also equipped with a planetarium and a roof-top observatory.


A second branch in the educational campus of Beit Yatziv operates enrichment programs for elementary and junior high school pupils, including special events such as an astronomy quiz and science fairs. Altogether, the center's programs reach approximately 12,000 participants per year, among them 1,000 high school students working on individual research projects for matriculation.


Since IRC opened in 2007, the number of students in the southern region who choose to study physics in high school has increased by 21%, while there was practically no increase in the rest of the country.


Moreover, the center's students repeatedly win awards for outstanding research projects in both national and international science competitions.


Using the Ilan Ramon Center as a model, we are working now to develop a network of science centers for youth across Israel, particularly in the periphery, aiming to advance the teaching of science at school by tapping into the excellent knowledge and infrastructure of the academic world.




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