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Services for people with special needs are often under-developed the periphery, where financial and professional resources are in short supply. Through our affiliate the Yahdav Association we work to establish services in southern communities with a region-wide perspective, focusing mainly on employment and housing solutions.


Employment centers that serve over 400 individuals with physical, mental and cognitive disabilities are operated by Yahdav in Be’er Sheva, Dimona, Ofakim and Shafir Regional Council. The participants engage in different types of work according to their abilities, from simple packaging to production of decorative household and gift items; they also enjoy social-cultural activities.


Alongside the efforts to expand and provide a wider range of employment options, the centers focus on training that allows those who can to be placed in more demanding, and rewarding, regular jobs.

Sheltered housing provide a home where disabled people can live as independently as possible in the community, near their families. In Be’er Sheva, Yahdav established  six apartments for people at varying degrees of self-sufficiency, as well as homes in Ofakim and Yeruham. The residents are supported in all aspects of their lives by professional staff, which adapts a personal program for each one based on an evaluation of his or her needs and desires.




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