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Rashi took part in initiating the national Lunch Program in the belief that a nutritious meal is an essential part of programs that extend the school day, especially those intended for children from low-income families. We provided initial support to start the program in 2004, and then rallied to ensure its continuation through legislation.


Since 2006, the program has been operating under government tender, with our affiliate the Tafnit Associationn acting as service provider until 2014. Most of the funding comes from the Education Ministry and local authorities, while we continued to enrich the program with educational content focusing on proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.


The organizational and professional capability of Tafnit allowed it to deliver meals to the participants of other programs,


such as Milat and recreational summer activity for children at risk.


Most recently, the Ministry of Education has launched a new long school day program for children aged 3-9, adopting the recommendation of the Trajtenberg Committee for socioeconomic reform. By the Ministry's request, Tafnit has undertaken the challenge of bringing a school lunch to all the children in the program, and through a focused effort doubled the number of daily meals it supplies to a total of 320,000. 



Ministry of Education

Local authorities



Tafnit Association (until 2014)