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Milat (Hebrew acronym for Supplementary Educational Framework) is a nationwide program to advance pupils academically and socially, focusing on the periphery and on populations in need of extra support. It offers an extended school day with lunch, educational reinforcement, enrichment activities and individual treatment as needed.


When introducing Milat in 2006, the Ministry of Education has designed it as continuation of the Enriched School Day, a program that Rashi initiated 12 years earlier and developed in cooperation with the Ministry.


Milat itself served as the model for Tzila – the state-funded program intended to extend the school day for all children aged 3-9, which was launched in response to the social protest of 2011.


Milat includes approximately 40,000 children in more than 1,200 elementary schools and kindergartens. It was operated from the start under government tender by our affiliate the Tafnit Association, with a steady decrease in Rashi's funding as the Ministry of Education and local authorities have gradually taken full responsibility.




Ministry of Education

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Tafnit Association