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The development of skills in the preschool years has a huge impact on the child’s future. It is also the age when children are naturally curious, inventive and creative. Introducing the fundamentals of science and technology at this early age will cultivate the children’s independent and inquisitive thinking and encourage them to acquire the crucial knowledge they need in our rapidly evolving technology-rich world.

The MadaKids program is uniquely designed to introduce nursery and kindergarten children to the world of science and technology through interactive activities, hands-on lessons and experiments. The program develops the children’s scientific and technological literacy, along with an interest and a passion for science and technology, and provides them with the opportunity to enter elementary school ready and eager to build on their basic knowledge of science and technology.

The kindergartens in the project are equipped with computers, construction kits, robotics experiments and space-related content, and have a rich curriculum of STEM studies taught by specially trained kindergarten teachers.

MadaKids was piloted in Be’er Sheva in September 2015 and expanded to Kiryat Malachi a year later. Ultimately, the program could serve as a model for science education in the pre-school years throughout the country



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