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Implemented in schools with a low matriculation rate, the Last Hurdle program targets 10th-12th grade students who failed or are expected to fail the matriculation exam in only one or two subjects. Overcoming this last obstacle would therefore allow them to obtain the matriculation certificate, which is a prerequisite for academic studies.


"Last Hurdle" employs the same method of accelerated learning as the Start program, but it focuses on one subject at a time that is taught over one semester leading up to the exam. Studies takes place mainly after school hours and in intensive “marathon” days outside the school. With few exceptions, the teachers are members of the school staff who received specialized training.


Since its inception in 2001, the program grew in scale from 80 to 1,500 students a year and from 4 schools to 50,


while the success rate remained consistently high – more than 90% of the participants pass the matriculation exam in their "obstacle" subject.


Moreover, after building a cadre of teachers who are trained and experienced in applying the principles of the program, the schools are eventually able to implement it independently with their own resources, guided by the program's professional team.




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