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Poverty is multi-faceted issue that adversely affects individuals, families, communities and society as a whole. There are many, frighteningly easy ways to fall into poverty, but breaking out is extremely difficult. What keeps families in situations whose impact will be felt for years to come is often their limited access to critical resources. These families have the motivation to change, but lack the necessary tools to do so.

The Family Empowerment Initiative aims to fundamentally change the social services approach to poverty. Its unique method places an emphasis not only on the parents, children, financial or work situations but on the family as a unit. A social worker and mentor work together with each family to develop an intervention plan taking into account every aspect of the family’s life - finances, work, education, health, and so on. With this all-embracing approach, the family not only gets the tools and guidance to lift itself out of poverty, but also the ability to stay there.

The Initiative began as a pilot program in April 2015 and is being implemented for more than 3,200 families in 108 communities across the country.


At the same time, every town where the program operates has a "Power Center" established by the Ministry of Welfare. These centers support the participants, as well as other families and individuals in financial distress, with counseling and workshops on relevant topics such as finding employment, realizing rights, financial management and more.



Ministry of Welfare

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