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Aiming to support the development of young children (birth-6), Rashi and its affiliates are involved in operating early childhood programs in the northern and southern periphery of Israel. These programs are designed to create an accessible, integrated and professional system of services in communities where solutions are insufficient while risk factors are more widespread.

The basis for developing community services for children and their parents is the early childhood center, a multi-disciplinary facility that coordinates and advances municipal activities for children, parents and professionals. These centers operate in a holistic approach that brings together a wide range of services and programs to create a therapeutic-education continuum (one-stop center).


The main areas of activity of the early childhood center are:

  • Detection, prevention and enrichment – inter-disciplinary system for identifying and assisting at-risk populations

  • Diagnosis and treatment of developmental difficulties, including paramedical, developmental and emotional therapies such as speech therapy, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, art therapy and so on.

  • Work with parents – group activity that encourage the children's development and their love of learning and strengthens the parent-child relationship

  • Workshops and guidance groups for parents, including in-home counseling for families at risk

  • Professional training of the teams in early childhood settings

  • Some of the centers include a daycare center for children aged 3 months to 3 years


Another field we invest in is community-based child development services. Child development units, operating within early childhood centers or separately, provide an essential service of early detection and treatment to close development gaps. The national forum of child development units works with Rashi's support to advance policy that will ensure the sustainability of the service, its accessibility and quality, particularly in the periphery.



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