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The socio-economic gaps in Israel are reflected in the resources allocated towards education, and consequently in the low achievements of students in the periphery compared with their peers in established communities. The difficulties encountered by many local authorities cause them to hand over the operation of their high schools to educational networks.


Darca, the school network Rashi established in partnership with Alliance-KIAH, seeks to bridge the gaps and inequalities in the Israeli education system in two main ways: qualitative impact, by professional advancement of principals and teachers; and quantitative impact, by providing additional resources that increase the opportunities available to students.


Darca was launched in 2011 and currently includes 38 high schools across Israel, from the Upper Galilee to the Arava in the far south, as well as two English learning centers.


Once a school joins the network, Darca introduces programs to promote excellence and educational innovaion, advance youth at risk, strengthen Jewish-Israeli identity and cultivate values of social responsibility and community involvement.


As part of Darca's overall support, the schools benefit from pedagogic advisors who help them develop teaching strategies, and from activities to empower educational and administrative staff and build student leadership. When required, the network also invests in physical renovation and offers assistance with operation, organization, finances and more.





Youth Renewal Fund

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