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Cyber technology is a main growth engine as well as a key element in Israel's national security, but remaining a leader in this field depends on increasing the pool of highly-skilled cyber experts. The Magshimim cyber education initiative has demonstrated that this can be done by tapping the potential of high school students in the periphery. In order to support its growth, the next critical step is to establish a central resource center for cyber education in Israel.


The mission of the Cyber Education Center (CEC) is to realize the full potential of young people who can be trained to become cyber experts and join the security forces, industry and academia, through the development of professional knowledge, teaching methodologies and platforms along with cultivation of instruction teams.


The center coordinates and manages all aspects of cyber education on the national level, advancing new initiatives such as the CyberGirlz community while strengthening existing programs – Magshimim, Gvahim and STARTech.


CEC operates in conjunction with Israel's security and high-tech sectors to stay current with this quickly evolving field, translating advancements and needs of the industry and the army’s elite cyber units into educational curricula.


In developing the programs, the center draws on existing knowledge within Israeli universities through an advisory committee whose members include leading researchers in computer and cyber fields, and involves science education professionals in evaluating the teaching methods and content.




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