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Promoting a healthy and active lifestyle along with access to healthcare services for all, is an essential element in the quality of life in town and a condition for its growth. This is the belief guiding our joint initiative with Pharmadom, an organization of French-Jewish pharmacists, to develop municipal healthcare services.

The pilot project takes place in the southern town of Yeruham, where Rashi is involved in a broad intervention focusing on education and welfare. The program operates in partnership with the Local Council and is supported by HMOs and the Ministry of Health.


The first stage of the model program established an emergency medical center that treats patients in emergency situations when the regular clinics are closed. Before the center opened, local residents had to travel 40 km to Be’er Sheva for urgent medical treatment at night. 

A dental clinic that opened as part of the program serves children whose families have difficulty funding the expensive treatments.


Another central element of the program is the promotion of a healthy lifestyle through activities for the entire community. Among them are a women’s sports team and a tandem bike club with one visually-impaired individual in every pair of cyclists, as well as sports days, lectures and workshops that increase awareness of health-related issues.




Municipality of Yeruham

Ministry of Health

Clalit Health Services



Municipality of Yeruham