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Israeli high school graduates who are exempt from military service for various reasons can join one of several civic service programs. Studies clearly show that taking part in these programs empowers the volunteers and builds their sense of capability, which significantly broadens their higher education and career horizons.

Ma'ase Association, a Rashi affiliate, operates a range of programs for young people (18-21) from underprivileged backgrounds that use volunteering as an effective tool for promoting equal opportunities and social mobility. As part of this activity, Ma'ase initiated several civic service programs:


Achva ("friendship" in Hebrew) is intended for young women from traditional or religious homes, particularly in the Ethiopian-Israeli community. They volunteer within the National Service framework, mainly in formal and informal education, and at the same time build thier own academic and personal qualifications with leadership training and career development studies.

Duroob (Arabic for "roads") targets Arab-Israeli young adults who want to work towards change in their own society. They volunteer in their home communities, tutoring younger children for whom they serve as role models, and gaining experience in the implementation of social initiaitives.


Together is an initiative that aims to create a model for shared society through volunteer groups working in mixed Jewish-Arab towns. In the pilot program in Acco, Arab young women volunteer alongside Jewish high school graduates while they take part in workshops to increase mutual understanding and solidarity.




Alan B. Slifka Foundation 

Goldberg Charitable Trust

Jewish Community Federation of San Francisco

Opportunity Fund 

Rothschild Caesarea Foundation

Glencore Society for Education and Welfare​

Maurice and Vivienne Wohl Foundation

Morningstar Foundation

Beracha Foundation

Blaustein Foundation

Joseph and Harvey Meyerhoff Family Charitable Funds

Pratt Foundation

Pears foundation

Leumi Acharai

Jeff & Debbie Swartz

Raya Strauss Foundation

UJIA - United Jewish Israel Appeal

Scott Tobin

SVF- Social Venture Fund  JFNA

Ofer Ben-Shahar

Kasierer Foundation

National Civil Service Operators




Ma'ase Association

 R Rashi