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Neglect - defined as the continuous inability of parents to provide for the child’s basic physical or emotional needs - has serious implications for the development and life trajectory of children and teenagers. Children living in neglect are in the middle of the risk spectrum, but their situation is more than likely to deteriorate if no one intervenes.

Targeting children who don't necessarily suffer from poverty or abuse, but whose needs are not sufficiently attended to, the joint initiative with the National Insurance Institute and the Ministry of Social Services is breaking new ground. Its goal is to advance the protection and well-being of children and youth by focusing on the families, for whom no systematic solution exists that adequately addresses their situation.


The initiative was launched during 2014 in six communities: Acco (Jewish-Arab town), Carmiel, Ashdod, Modi'in illit (ultra-orthodox), Dimona and Segev Shalom (Bedouin). Six more were added during 2016 - Shlomi, Ma'ale Yosef, Ilut (Arab), Gedera, Sderot and Be'er Sheva.

The initiative provides funds for developing services on the municipal level, and also puts a range of nationwide programs at the disposal of the town on a per-participant or per-family basis. Ultimately, we aim to develop an evidence-based model of family-community intervention, addressing the needs of children and teenagers in the present to effect real, sustainable change in the future.

following a successful 4-year pilot that reached 440 families with 1,450 children, the model became part of the public system of social services. It will be expanded to more communities in the coming years.



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National Insurance Institute



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