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The Carasso Science Park in Be’er Sheva opens the gateway to the fascinating world of science and technology for children and adults alike. It allows them to experience the process of scientific research from discovery to its various applications, and learn in a fun way the science behind phenomena we take for granted.


Children in particular enjoy the Park's activities as part of the school program, as well as through extra-curricular enrichment programs. It invites them to experiment and discover, exciting and igniting the imagination so that science becomes part of their aspirations and future plans.


The interactive exhibits present a broad range of subjects from unique perspectives that illustrate their connection to our daily lives. Among the topics: Light and Sight, Sound and Hearing, The Code of Life (molecular biology and genetics), and more.


Next to each exhibition there is a laboratory, where the pupils learn more about the topic introduced in the exhibits through demonstrations and experiments.


The Park opened in July 2013 within a campus named after Rashi's founder Gustave Leven, which encompasses also the adjacent Beit Yatziv. The entire campus is dedicated to promoting excellence in science and technology education through innovative programs and activities for school children and the public at large.




Carasso Family

Be’er Sheva Municipality

State Lottery

Ministry of Education

Ministry for Development of the Negev and Galilee

Israel Atomic Energy Commission

ADAMA Agricultural Solutions



Beit Yatziv